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Our next Open will be….

RASCALS 45th Anniversary January Open Meet 2018

– Sunday 7th – Licence Number: 3EM180095

To be held at The ARC, Matlock, Entry Pack here… and SportsSystem file here and below…!

Thank you to everyone who has entered, the Event is now full.

The final entries are now in, so the complete Accepted List is now here…


and then…

RASCALS June Open Meet 2018 – Saturday 9th – also for your diary!

To be held at Alfreton Leisure Centre, watch this space!

If you would like to contact us, please email Tracey:  openentries@ripleyrascals.org.uk

Entry Information

Clubs can submit their entries electronically using the SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager program.

Please send electronic entries to openentries@ripleyrascals.org.uk

For information about this process, we suggest you read the Electronic Entry Notes and then use the image links below to:

•    Download and install the Entry Manager program

•    Import the “Entry File Set” for this competition.