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RASCALS Junior Open 2017 – Saturday 17th June

Entry Pack now available here: RASCALS Open June 2017 – Entry Pack

Accepted Entries to 18/04/17 are here: RASCALS June Open 2017 Accepted Entries to 220517

Although the closing date has now passed, our Promoter, Connor Donson, is still happy to consider entries on an individual basis.

Please also note that morning warm-up is 30 minutes later now:-

Session One   8.30am Warm Up, 9.30am Start.

Session Two 12.30pm Warm Up, 1.30pm Start

The 2017 RASCALS Junior Open will be held at Alfreton Leisure Centre on Saturday 17th June 2017.

The gala will be a Licenced Level 3 Meet: 3EM170935https://www.swimmingresults.org/licensed_meets/?region=EM&level=3S&month=6&year=2017

If you would like to contact us, please email Tracey:  openentries@ripleyrascals.org.uk

RASCALS January Open Meet 2018 – Sunday 7th – for your diary!

To be held at The ARC, Matlock.

Entry Information

Clubs can submit their entries electronically using the SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager program.

Please send electronic entries to openentries@ripleyrascals.org.uk

For information about this process, we suggest you read the Electronic Entry Notes and then use the image links below to:

•    Download and install the Entry Manager program

•    Import the “Entry File Set” for this competition.