It has been two weeks since the RLSS Derbyshire Branch competition was held and the results have been slow in coming out but it has been important to wait for them to check that the results given out on the night were correct.  I am pleased to say that they are and they confirm what was another great performance by RASCALS lifesavers across all the age ranges.  The focus on the events is towards traditional lifesaving skills and away from the speed which does present the opportunity for lifesavers to show their skills in other areas.  The overall scores (as you will see from the attached results sheets) are weighted towards the Aquatic and Life Support Initiative tests on the scores, hence although in the swim & tow and rope throw events some of the lifesavers were slower than others, they have scored better in the initiative tests.


So on to the results:

For the U-9’s Girls Ella Brough and Gracie Richardson came away with bronze and had a good initiative test score, for the boys Will McCarthy and Rohan McClachlan came away with gold on the back of the swim & tow and rope throw events as the initiative tests were very close with the other team.  In the U-10’s girls the pairing Sabine McClachlan and  Amelia Holmes finished with gold ahead of Liliana Radford and Freya Hunt in silver, a slightly better score in the aquatic initiative looks to have made the difference between the two.


The U-11 pairing of Martha Sergeant and Molly Emerton were competing alone in their age group for the girls and claimed gold but that should not detract from a great performance as their overall score would have claimed gold in the boys competition!  For the boys in the same age group Harry Quinn and Corey Kohut’s aquatic test helped them to the gold ahead a little ahead of Joe Cartwright and Tim Alldread in silver, this pair scored better though in the Life Support test.


The 12-14 year age group is always strongly contesting in any lifesaving competition and with 14-teams across the girls and boys this was once again evident in the results.  For the girls a fantastic aquatic test for Thea Bednall and Emma Somes secured the gold over the silver placed team from Heanor.  Rebecca Pollicot and Molly Alldread had the highest score in the life support test but claimed a bronze for their efforts.  On the boys side Dan and Luke Waterfall drew in total points with the Heanor team that claimed gold, a few more points in the aquatic test probably would have given them gold rather than the silver.  The pairing of Tom Sergeant and Ben King scored very well in the aquatic and life support tests but slightly slower times in the swim & tow and ropes against the other pairs meant they still claimed a good bronze.


The final age group that we had competitors in both the girls and boys was the 15-17 years group.  The pairings of Rebecca Somes & Georgina Holbird and Hannah Broughton & Kezia Emerton had the same overall points score at the end of the events.  A very strong aquatic test by Rebecca and Georgina looks to have given them the gold (much to their surprise!) over Kezia & Hannah who claimed the silver.  For the boys Josh Wheeler and Alistair Hutchinson took gold over Ben and George Holmes in silver, again a higher score in the aquatic test has given Josh and Ali the advantage.


For the coaches perspective watching the lifesavers coming out to poolside to carry out the Aquatic and Life Support Initiative tests, it has been great to see that all the children from the younger age groups are showing a lot more confidence within themselves.  They are learning from the training to assess the situation before delivering aid and recognising what needs to be done with the range of casualties.  They should be proud of themselves because as coaches we certainly are, so a very well done to all!