On Saturday, RASCALS competed in Crawley at the Crawley Open Meet which took place all day. Overall, everyone did fantastic and there were pb’s and placing’s across both the open and youth teams.
To start with, there was the SERC event. The SERC teams were faced with one of the most challenging incidents seen yet, but our teams approached it head-on and performed to a high standard. Both the Captains did exceptionally well, especially considering it was such a difficult incident! Amy, our Youth Captain, showed real leadership throughout the whole incident, directing the girls clearly when necessary and this effort from everyone earnt the team a 2nd place ranking overall.
Although our seniors didn’t place in the top 3, this does not mean they didn’t perform any less than what was expected. Jenny was a great Captain, advising the guys and organising every situation with control and leadership. This SERC was extremely difficult, and although there were a couple hiccups in places, our teams approached it with determination, which proved to pay off.
Individually, like always, we had some really good times and rankings, which were well deserved by great swims.
Rebecca swam fantastically with two 3rd places in 200m obstacles and 50m manikin carry. She also competed in all the relays, and again, swam hard in them. Georgina also swam very well yesterday, picking up a 2nd place for 100m manikin carry with fins. She performed very well within the relays too, as did Amy, Hannah and Abigail. Amy achieved a 3rd place in 100m Tow, which was a great swim on her behalf and she also showed great team spirit for all the relays and the SERC. The relays for the Youth team were very successful, with placings in all relays. The Obstacle Relay earnt a 2nd place, the manikin relay, another 2nd place, and the Medley Relay, a 3rd place.
The Youth team should be really proud of their collective and individual events. and there was much support for every swimmer in the pool always, which was great. Special mention should go to Georgina whose resilience shone through when she refused to let a clip on rescue tube get the better of her, and Hannah showed great courage in attempting an event with a full manikin. Special well done to you both.
In the Senior team, there was several pb’s and one ranking, with Emily’s earning a 3rd place for the individual competitors at 100m manikin carry with fins. Although there weren’t more placings, this does not mean that our swimmers didn’t do well as everyone put 100% in every race, and did not let the team down. As said before, Jenny did very well as Captain in the SERC as well as all of her events, as she put full effort in every one of them. Frazer performed well too, picking up great times in his events. Sam and Anthony swam hard in their races and certainly put pressure on the other competitors. Although he wasn’t feeling great, Alistair put in a valiant effort during his relay legs. His sportsmanship shining through so not to let the wider team down.
Over all, everyone did really well and a great sense of support and team spirit was shown throughout the competition. It was great to see so many RASCALS enjoying the competition and receiving the recognition for their efforts, but also those who were bodies for the SERC event, especially Ian who was both visibly red and rashed from the board he had to be on!
Well done to everyone involved in this Open Meet; you all did very well.