Dear Club members,
It is with great sadness that I write this.

One of the clubs great ambassadors, former club Chair and Head Lifesaving Coach, Ray Taylor, sadly passed away earlier this week. His family have asked me to let past and present club members know.

For those who aren’t aware, Ray was instrumental in creating a RASCALS lifesaving squad that was a force to be reckoned with, an early fore-runner of the successful set up that we  have today. He and the other coaches at the time helped teams and individuals get to Nationals and achieve some of our first National finalists and champions in traditional lifesaving.

Ray was a very prominent figure in the RLSS in Derbyshire, Regionally and Nationally. He was passionate about lifesaving; was a great coach and is the dad of one of my closest friends….he took us and other children all over the country to compete and of course learn how to save lives. He will be sadly missed.

Ray’s family have asked if I can help to get in touch with those members who have contacts from 30-40 years or so ago and to let them know this sad news. Hopefully the clubs far reaching network can help to do that.

If people would like to contact me directly or via the clubs communication officer, when further news is available about funeral arrangements, I can let people know.