Swim England, SwimMark 2017 & RASCALS

In the last few months there have been some name changes that you may or may not be aware of.   The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has rebranded itself to Swim England and Swim21, the quality standard for Clubs, is now called SwimMark.

SwimMark accreditation recognises Clubs for their high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness and RASCALS are proud to say we have been part of this accreditation from the very start of Swim21 and its subsequent four changes in practice.

SwimMark latest version is a sixteen Element Accreditation which involves a three year plan, budgeting, risk assessments, Ethics, Equality, Codes of Conduct, emergency procedures, swimming programmes, Safeguarding and workforce compliance.

SwimMark is also linked very closely to Wavepower which is Swim England’s Child Safeguarding policies and procedures publication.

The submission is made each August to the SwimMark Panel who review it and then, hopefully, approve it.  RASCALS have, again, received this new SwimMark accreditation in September this year.

The work and collation of all the information for the submission comes from the Head Coach/Teachers/Coaches, our Treasurer, Chairman, Welfare Officer, other Committee Members and our contacts at Ripley and Alfreton Leisure Centres.  My thanks go to all of these people who provide the information for me to do the submission, a lot of whom are volunteers.

You will see our new Certificate on our website.

If you have any queries or questions regarding SwimMark please contact myself.


Susan Parr

SwimMark Co-Ordinator