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Child Protection & Child Awareness

You will all be aware of the emphasis now being put on the new Child Protection Policy – Wavepower 2020 – 2023 (July 2020) – which has recently been updated by the Government. Most of the rules have been aimed at adults who are directly in contact with young swimmers. All have to have enhanced disclosure check checks completed by the Disclosure and Barring Service which is enforced by the Leisure Centres and Swim England, for the safety of all the children.

Child abuse can take many forms, from name calling, bullying, inappropriate touching, inappropriate comments or to just feeling uncomfortable in a particular person’s presence.
The Committee and Leisure Centres wish to stress to swimmers that they must take some responsibility for patrolling the situation themselves. If you are not comfortable with the way anyone is behaving TELL SOMEONE AT ONCE. It can be any of the Leisure Centre staff, any RASCALS officials, your parents or one of the senior swimmers.

We want you to be safe and happy when you are at a swimming pool, whether Ripley, Alfreton, Belper or any other pool you may visit. Help us to help you.

Paul & Lucy Moorcroft are RASCALS Safeguarding Officer's, and can be contacted:

By telephone: 01773 252633

By email: 

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